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The doodad you asked for: Months (animals)

Months (animals)

A super useful doodad showing the 12 months with fun, colourful animal characters. Also includes a title page.

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Everyone's Comments.

Mrs J
on 10/06/09

I loved the days of the week and the months they are brilliant! Do you have the numbers to complete the date (I can only find numbers to 20)?

Mrs W
on 12/08/09

I have just downloaded this for my new year 1 classroom - thank you

on 03/11/09

i love this site

Rachel Watson
on 04/05/10

Hi, love your site, would you consider changing the ‘a’ in months and days of the week? I teach a preschool class and need a foundation a. They are so gorgeous. Many thanks Rachel

on 16/12/10


on 14/02/11

I’m an ESL teacher trainee. Just downloaded your fruits & sea creatures group names and going to use them for my Year 5 English classes. Thanks so much they are adorable. I’m sorry I don’t have paypal to donate.

Miss Darcsy
on 16/06/11

Love this website it really help me with great ideas for my classroom today.

Thanks to work mates


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