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Sian Lawton
on 21/05/09

I would love mrs pancake to make very simple signs for bedroom drawers.  So children can help by putting there own clothes away.

Signs such as:-


Bronwen Eady
on 05/06/09

Just wanted to let you know your site and resources are fantastic!  Thank you so much for making them available, it’s much appreciated!

Bronwen Eady

on 06/06/09

I would love Mrs Pancake to make those purple and blue spotty letters (with the pink background) in uppercase. They only come in lowercase at the moment.

Your resources are great! Thank you

Mignon Kemke
on 17/06/09

I would love a selection of toys please.

Erin Murray
on 19/06/09

I would also like to see a selection of toys please!

Laurie Rodriguez
on 21/06/09

I would love to have Mrs. Pancake make Photo Face Monkeys or a Monkey weather make and do.  This is a fabulous website!  Thanks Mrs. Pancake!

on 22/06/09

Could we have another target borad with under the sea theme (to use in conjunction with your under the sea animal groups)please!

on 22/06/09

Oh Mrs Pancake, would you please please make a pair of gorgeous A4 or A5 size handprints that say Left on one, and Right on the other, or L and R then I could cut them out and put up on either side of my whiteboard.
Thank you so, so much x.

M MacLellan
on 26/06/09

Hi Mrs Pancakes,

You resources are great!  WOuld it be possible for the letters for displays such as ‘Numeracy’ to be available for every letter instead of just the ones that spell out the word as i do a lot of teaching in another language and they would be great?


on 28/06/09

Some Big Cat group signs please!
Some ideas:

Thanks Mrs Pancake - you rock!

on 30/06/09

Can we have some doodads about transport please such as planes, trains and cars to make a transport scene. Would it be possible to also have some photoface people such as train drivers or pilots to match. only just discovered you but will be back many times in the future!

Many thanks Mrs Pancake

on 30/06/09

Please could I have some ideas for activities for Year 4 chidlren to do in the first week back after the summer break

Thanks Mrs Pancake

Great site

on 01/07/09

Would love to see something to help name parts of the body and face.
Love all the stuff on your site. Need more printer ink!

on 26/07/09

It would be great if the lovely numbers that are available as 1 to 20 could be made up to 100.  These would be great to use for a display.

on 03/08/09

Hi there

Firstly, what an amazing site - my classroom is looking very modern and funky - I love the illustrations, so much so I have got my Adobe Illustrator back out!

I love the Jack and the Beanstalk - it’s my fav…

Can I just say one thing, as I am sure the other grateful teachers have noticed this. School displays and the like that contain a letter ‘a’, should only be a round ‘a’. If you look on a word document and type in the font, Comic Sans, the letter ‘a’ comes out how we teach children to write. Could you use this type of ‘a’ rather than the adult version.

I hope you dont mind me saying, please keep up the AMAZING work. You make the life of a teacher MUCH MUCH EASIER!


on 05/08/09

Hello Mrs P - I would love some peg/drawer labels Thanks

on 07/08/09

Hello Mrs. P.,
I love the Five Finger Test bookmarks.  Could you please make some more bookmarks for reading promotion for slightly older children.  Perhaps they could be ‘rewards’ for children who have reached a certain reading level.  Another suggestion is to give some ideas for bookmarks which children could make themselves (perhaps, in the school library).


on 08/08/09

Hi Mrs. Pancake! I love your site so much! I saw the underwater theme for table groups. Our school theme is “bears” so maybe you could do one with different bears. Like polar, grizzly, koala, panda, and black bears.

on 10/08/09

Ordinal numbers would be great please!

on 10/08/09

absolutely love the graphics, a welcomed break from sparkle box! a viual timetable would be amazing!

on 11/08/09

I would love a female version of the moving superhero! It would be fab to use in my literacy unit after the summer. Thanks.
I love this site!

on 14/08/09

Hello Mrs Pancake, I have just decorated my class with your lovely Literacy and Numeracy headings and they were much admired. Our school is very into Big Writing and we all need to make VCOP displays. Maybe you could come up with something that is a lot more exciting and eye catching than my own display. I would be very grateful. Thanks

on 16/08/09

Hi Mrs. Pancake!
I just wanted to thank you for your amazing site! I came accross it by accident and I absolutely love it! Your colourful resources are beautiful! A resource I would love to see added would be a weather wheel or chart.


Karla Pearce
on 16/08/09

Hi, Mrs. Pancake,

This is my first visit to your fabulous site and what a find! I love your spotty lettering and loads of other things too. I would love to see what you could do with simple tray labels for the classroom.

on 17/08/09

Starting a topic on Celebrations - any help would be greatly accepted. 

PS Its wonderful to have a homegrown super resource such as this!!!!!

on 17/08/09

I would LOVE some cute insects and bugs. We do a topic on minibeasts so these would look great.

Butterflies, bees, worms, caterpillars, dragonfly, ladybird etc.
Thank you :)
Love Mrs Pancake’s images… making my classroom nice and pretty

on 20/08/09

What a lovely site have been recommending to all I know.

More more more!

Things like more display borders, name tags / labels for classroom drawers, more lettering.

Thanks soooon much, more more more! x

on 23/08/09

I would love to see a large number line that I could hang on the wall.  Numbers 1 to 120 or even farther would be great. 
You create the cutest stuff!  I have the number grid hanging at home and in my classroom and I just printed the 5 finger test book marks for my reading area.  Thank you for sharing your creative talents!

on 27/08/09

Dear Mrs. Pancake,
Love this site! It would be great if you could make some music-themed graphics, any kind! Thank you for this great and free resource!

on 01/09/09

To the fabulous Mrs Pancake,

Please could we have area signs for the Foundation Stage Classroom?

Love, love, love all the things you do.

Many thanks for your hard work,

Hilly xxx

on 01/09/09

This site if fabulous!! I would love to see some doodads that deal with sight words or Dolch words or phrases.
Thank you so much for all your hard work to make education fun!!

on 01/09/09

please could u design a classoom door sign that all we need to do is add in our name . thanks

Nancy J
on 01/09/09

These are absolutely great! Could we have some A4 spotty numbers to go with the letters?

Thank you


on 02/09/09

Love the big spotty letters as does every teacher in my school. The only trouble is you only do them in blue! The whole school is blue! Please, please do them in other colours. I love the colours in your numeracy sign. Sets of letters in those colours would certainly liven up our corridors. Thanks

on 03/09/09

I think the site is great!  How about some signs to display near the carpet area - such as Are you:  Sitting nicely   Listening   Thinking   Putting your hand up etc

Ali T
on 04/09/09

A lovely site with gorgeous resources to liven up any classroom. I was looking for some signs for my reading corner but could not find anything. Could Mrs Pancake maybe do some reading/book area signs?

Keep up the good work xxx

on 14/09/09

I love your literacy letter downloads apart from the a and g - not user friendly for our area we use an “a” like a c shape so cannot use your alphabet.

on 19/09/09

Dear Mrs. Pancake,
I’m a teacher in Spain and I simply love your site. It’s REALLY USEFUL! Thanks a lot.
I’m looking forward the new doodas that you are probably doing. If you, at any time, don’t know what to do next, I suggest some signs for parts of the house or of the classroom (different elements, etc). Labels with capital letters and lovely drawings (such as “computer corner”, “library”, “teacher’s table”...) would be great! :-D  

Thank you!

Jo Penny
on 20/09/09

Hello Mrs Pancake,

I absolutely LOVE your site and have used lots of your resources in my classroom already….they are fabulous!! Thank you!

I am a reception teacher and soon to be starting the topic of The Little Red hen so any resources/activity ideas for that would be brilliant….maybe hand or finger puppets, sequencing the story and I love the instruction cards you made for Pancake day maybe you could do the same with making bread?

Thanks again for sharing your fantastic resources I really love them and so do the children you are a complete life and time saver!!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

on 20/09/09

Hello Mrs P… can we have some dinosaur related bits? xxx

on 26/09/09

Mrs Pancake, could you kindly make us some African signs and symbols? It would be nice if these could be used in art appreciation lessons@
Anyway, you are a rich and generous woman! You provide great service. Thank you for the colour charts, wheels and colour mixing pages!

on 27/09/09

Hi Mrs. Pancake!  Cute, Cute, Cute!  I have a western theme for my fisrt grade classroom.  We are called Ms. Britt’s Buckaroos.  I have been searching for western items such as cowboy, cowgirl hats and boots and clothing for classroom projects.  I can’t find what I am looking for.  I BELIEVE you could create some cute western doodads.  Would you please for this buckaroo in Memphis, TN!!!

on 02/10/09

Hi again, Mrs Pancake.
This is a teacher from Spain. It would be great if you could do some pictures about hygene: Washing our hands, flushing, tidy-up… Thanks a lot!

on 06/10/09

I’d love Mrs P to make some drawer labels for foundation stage items such as lego, mobilo, whiteboards etc.  It would be great if they had pictures on too.

Or some Divali things :)

on 06/10/09

I would love to see a full alphabet using the letters you use for the word ‘Numeracy’ (the ones with lots of numbers on them). With these I could liven up my displays!

on 07/10/09

Love your resources Mrs Pancake. Please could you make speech bubbles for display that have hello in different languages? Thanks

on 08/10/09

Your resources are just FAB! Thanks so much. Could you make some shape resources next please. Thanks

on 15/10/09

My school has chosen to use the term ‘Learning Intention’ instead of WALT. and insists I use this phrase. Could you please help me to jazz this up a bit? Writing it on the board doesnt have the same effect as a fun poster

on 20/10/09

We would love, love, love some transport doodads.
Thank you so much.
Mrs Pancake is our favourite website ever!!!

on 25/10/09

Fantastic site.  Would love to see some wizards and witches to go with the castle.  Broomsticks and cauldrons would be great to.
P.S.  Thanks for adding the supergirl to the superheroes.


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