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Mrs Pancake is full of lovely, wonderful and free resources for your classroom, house or after-school club.
Our lovely friends help us keep it that way!

Yay for Mrs P’s friends

Mrs P is so terribly proud of all her lovely friends who want to see our little operation succeed. Our Creative Commons license allows you to use our Doodads for lots of non-commercial education as long as you play nicely. Read the full license for details, but it’s all simple enough:

  • Make sure to tell everyone where you found them (and link back to
  • Don’t modify the doodads in any way.
  • Don’t use them to make any money (including from advertising).
  • Make sure to pass on the CC license

Down with Stealy Stealers

We love people using Mrs P’s lovely resources in their classrooms, homes or after-school clubs, but we don’t want the fat cats at GlobalMegaCompany Inc. getting rich by stealing Mrs P’s hard work. If you see Mrs P’s work being used commercially by someone not listed on this page then it’s probably stolen (gasp)!

You can support the site by dropping us a line and letting us know. We’ll send our crack team of lawyers to give them a good telling off. There might even be a reward for you!

How to do it properly

If you’d like to talk to us about licensing Mrs P’s work for commercial use, please just drop us a line.

Creative Commons License