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The doodad you asked for: Speech Bubbles

Speech Bubbles

Super useful colourful speech bubbles for displays.

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on 31/01/09

I used these delicious speech and thought bubbles for a PSHE display in Year 5.  The class drew around some of the children.  Inside the body shapes they wrote lots of words to decribe feelings, and then everbody wrote a sentence in a bubble, e.g. “I feel really proud when someone says I’m a kind person.” or “I get so excited when I buy a new Warhammer figure”.

The bubbles made it look really smart yet friendly.  The display’s had lots of admiring comments.

on 12/06/09

would really love speech bubbles to be about 4/5 to an A4 sheet is that possible?  Have used these larger ones on a large display in preschool to label shapes found in a house looked really effective and children were really proud of their work thanks for that.  Next job needs smaller version though

on 21/08/09

I used these for a comic strip last year with my year 4 class. It made the comic look really colourful.
This year I am using them for my weekly challenge display in year 1 the kids will love them.

on 03/09/09

This is a fantastic website- my class is going to look great!!

on 04/11/09

lilliejos, I have printed 4 to a page by choosing that from my printer options.  Maybe your school printer can do that….

on 17/01/10

I have used this resource in my KS2 classroom.

I superimposed text over the top with various directions (e.g. silent, whisper, talk, hands up, stay in your seat, move around sensibly if you need to, work as a group, work in pairs, work on you own…)

I will use these as part of my classroom / behaviour management strategy. Before each classroom task I will ask the students to choose which directions will be necessary for that task. When chosen these will be displayed one the class whiteboard so students have a constant reminder of how they should complete the task. Reminding them of what is expected is as easy as pointing to the board.

on 06/02/12

I like the looks of it.

Miss Tree
on 18/07/12

I am currently in a 2/3 class and my classroom looks fantastic thanks to this website. Thanks ever so much.


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