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The doodad you asked for: Moving Superheroes (updated)

Moving Superheroes (updated)

Make your very own movable superhero character. We’ve now updated this doodad to include a Supergirl template! This doodad is great for stimulating imagination and makes a perfect character for story writing. It’s also great for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day to give to Super Dads and Super Mums.



Everyone's Comments.

Anna smith
on 04/08/09

I love this and plan to use it in September with my Year 2 class during my superhero and comics unit. One of my first lessons is to design their own superhero so this will be perfect! Is there any chance you could make a supergirl version? Many thanks

on 04/09/09

I want to use with my year 3’s, but like Anna said we need a Supergirl verson too.  Please please create one for us.  The children get lots of ideas for their narratives dramatising events with the Superheroes.

on 16/09/09

Supergirl is now added!

on 16/09/09

Thank you. It looks great!

Preservice Teacher
on 30/09/09

I would love to use these superhero as photo-faces. Any chance of having just the picture of the super boy and girl in some different colours?

on 11/08/10

I’m going to use this activity with my year 2’s as a fathers day present/card. We’ll make the superhero’s then stick dads face onto the head. Thus creating super dad!

on 23/03/11

Thank you so much for this great resource!

Patrick (Teacher)

Jane W
on 07/06/12

Super heroes are super cool my class of year 1s loved creating their super hero dads and adding messages with te speach bubbles ! thanks x


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