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The doodad you asked for: Self Registration Jungle

Self Registration Jungle

Jungle style self registration. Suitable for registering choices at lunch or whatever other uses you may need. Just assemble the trees, write the childrens’ names in the monkeys’ bellies and attach a vine between the trees. The pack includes two trees, two signs and a set of multi-coloured monkeys.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 25/07/09

Brilliant! I am going to use this for my class targets! To make it even better could you possibly do a few extra coloured trees? :o)

on 11/08/09

Love this idea! I’m going to use this for self-registration for taking the roll in the morning and afternoon, since there’s no lunch/dinner service over here. Could you please make some monkeys so that the kids could colour them in themselves?

Tracy C
on 19/08/09

Great jungle resource i hope to use in Sept 09.

on 20/09/09

Am going to use it for number ordering in my reception class, string a ‘vine’ between the two trees and use the numbered monkeys for the children to hang on using mini pegs. Will also laminate blank monkeys for them to have a go writing their own numbers on using white board pens.

on 21/09/09

Great innovative uses! Keep them coming, send photos and we’ll put them up on the Mrs P Facebook page to inspire other teachers. Will add your suggestions to this resource asap :-)

on 15/01/10

Is there any chance you could enlarge the image of the monkeys so only 6 fit on the page? I want to use them for self registration in my class but I have quite a few children with very long names!
Thank you

on 09/07/10

If this could come in Word so you could type on the names; it would be brill!!!

on 13/02/11

Thank you guys so much! I have preps for my first year of teaching, and your stuff has been a lifesaver!

on 28/07/11

I agree with Harriet. I tried today to make a similar poster but the long names wouldn’t fit. Also how do you envisage the monkeys staying in place? Are you suggesting pegs or sticky tack or what about if they hung on the vine using their arms?


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