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The doodad you asked for: Monkey Numberline 0-10

Monkey Numberline 0-10

A colourful monkey numberline for desks showing numbers 0-10. There are 3 numberlines per A4 page.

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Cindy Anderson
on 27/07/10

I would have used it in my peschool class, 21/2 and 4 years old children,, but I can not get the item to download.I want the monkey number line 1-10.
Thank you,
Cindy Anderson

on 09/08/10

Hi Cindy, I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t have downloaded. It may just take a while if the connection is slow. Hope you get it working ok. Karys

on 28/10/10

We love your funny number monkeys. But difficult to use in KS1 unless you cut off the zero monkey. Tricky for adding on!


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