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The doodad you asked for: 3D Christmas Cards

3D Christmas Cards

Lots of Christmas card bits and pieces. Cut them out and stick them onto coloured card with sticky fixers to make 3D christmas cards. Use cotton wool for snow and beards, or glitter to make them sparkle.

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Lisa cully
on 17/12/09

hi santa I know it is hard to get my present but I would love to get my real hamster It would be such a wonderful gift I will be so nice to my sister I will try not to fight with her as much as I can.I have a wondreful teacher that said
Im on the nice list but I dont know if I am i hope I am so I can get all my
presents merry christmas everyone aspecialy you santa.Thank you so much for my
presents last year they were lovely.Did you have a good trip in the slay and
I hope you got your food last year Love Lisa Cully


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