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The doodad you asked for: Santa Letter

Santa Letter

Write your Santa letters on this colourful letter paper

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on 04/12/08

My year 3/4 children in my class have written their letters to Santa using this template. Very good resource for this time of year. Possibly a template for teachers to use to write back to the children would be useful.



on 05/12/08

I opened this on my interactive whiteboard and wrote over the top of it using the pen in activprimary.  My P1 class decided what they wanted to say to Santa and then we all worked out how we would write it.  We’ve now sent our letter to Santa and are waiting for a reply.  I better get onto that I guess! ;)

on 05/12/08

PS: might be useful to make an ‘unlined’ version because very little ones aren’t expected to / can’t manage to write on lines yet.  Also means they could draw some wee pictures of things they want, rather than having to write on the lines.  Just a wee idea…

on 06/12/08

Thanks for the comments lovely teachers - using the interactive whiteboard is a great idea. I’ve uploaded a reply letter today and I’ll put the unlined versions on the list. Thanks!

Ayman Idress
on 22/05/09

I would like to enter this website because i want children to learn.


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