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The doodad you asked for: Big spotty letters

Big spotty letters

All the letters of the alphabet with an exclamation mark, question mark and ampersand. Great to cut out the letters and assemble to make a notice board sign.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 10/05/09

Thanks for the display lettering doodad. I have used it for a year 1 display on ‘Feelings’.

on 18/05/09

I love your whole website- and now I want to go back and teach juniors again!  I have used this doodad for headings on posters such as “Words instead of said”.  Could we have some more in other colours- that would be fab!

on 13/06/09

Your site is a teachers treasure trove! You’ve saved me so much time.  Could we have more display lettering in different styles and colours please? I have used all of the ones you have done so far. Keep up the fantastic work

on 07/07/09

Love your fantastic website.  Your lovely, colourful lettering is great and is available in A3 too! It makes life so much easier. Could we please have some in an animal design for our ‘Rainforest’ display and others for our science display, Year 5? I use your site for our SEN pupils and mainstream junior pupils KS2! Thank you so much.

on 16/07/09

Lovely! used it for my sea themed golden rules display in Key stage 1. Could have done with some capitals as well though.

on 05/09/09

I’ve used your numeracy and literacy letters. They really brightened my classroom. Would love some for my topic on food!

Jackie Cambpell
on 20/09/09

Please can you make another version of the animal days and months using a font which doesn’t have the trinity ‘a’ but as it it in the comic sans or century gothic font.  I’m not allowed to use this ‘a’.

on 28/10/09

i was going to put the same as jackie about the letter a, perhaps you could do both

on 30/12/09

��������� ��������....�� ������ �������� ����������b

on 09/01/10

Love these!  Any chance of different colours though?  Thank you!

on 25/05/11

���������� ����������<a > ����������� ���� </a>����� �� �������� �������� ��� ��� �������� ���������� �����.


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