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The doodad you asked for: Numeracy Letters

Numeracy Letters

A set of colourful letters that spell out Numeracy. Cut them out and use them on your display board.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 06/08/09

Hey I love these display letterings, would it be possible for the numeracy lettering to read ‘maths’ or even better if the whole alphabet was available?

on 06/09/09

I think the numeracy and literacy letters are fantastic.  I am sure that Mrs. Pancake could use her skills to design letters for science too!!  I have used your display letters in my ks2 classroom.

on 12/09/09

As before, I find all your resources fantastic and such a help.  This year our school is using the word ‘Maths’ for displays instead of numeracy so could we PLEASE have the word maths or better still the whole alphabet in both lower and upper case as this could be used for all sorts of words associated with maths and maybe other designs for other subjects too.  What about the alphabet in animal/insects designs for a rainforest display? Many, many thanks

on 16/01/10

These are AMAZING!
To make the collection even better, it would be very helpful to have each category available in the complete alphabet…lower and upper case, and in “flick” and “print” styles. That would make me one very happy nursery teacher!!!

on 31/08/10

This and the Literacy lettering are so useful. I am using them as headings for my working walls (KS1).  Echo the previous comments for more letters.

on 05/10/10

I truly love these lettering and am hoping that it can be made available with all 26 letters of the alphabet.

on 21/10/10

godd cool

on 10/01/12

I agree; fantastic resources but would be even better if all letters of the alphabet were available

on 21/06/12

I agree Maths lettering would be great!

on 13/07/12

Hello, I would love to use this for KS2, but I need ‘Maths’ for my school. Any chance of that please?


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