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The doodad you asked for: Castle Bits

Castle Bits

A collection of handy parts of a castle for your fairytale displays. Includes everything you need to build your own fortress, from turrets and towers to flags and trees.

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on 05/05/09

Hi - not sure what a doodad is, but i am going to use the castle and fairy doodads for activities to do with fairytale characters.  These activities are in response to a few children making magic wands in class today.  All became interested and we are going to make wands and i am looking for other magical characters.  I am a Reception teacher and i would love to see more of your blank downloads as this is a more useful resource for children to decorate themselves and has lower cost implications.

on 19/01/10

Can’t figure out how to donate using $US currency….

on 20/01/10

Hi Cat, thanks for donating! Paypal converts the currency automatically.


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