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The doodad you asked for: Beanstalk Target Board

Beanstalk Target Board

A fun target board in the fairy tale theme of Jack and the Beanstalk.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 30/03/09

Fantastic resourse!
I used this with the food and drink and made a magic healthy beanstalk display!

on 25/05/09

I have used the Jack and the Beanstalk doodads in our nursery building. It is now a lovely colourful display on the babies sleeproom window overlooking our carpark. Because the curtains are usually closed this window is a bit boring, but with the curtain behind the beanstalk it looks like a stage set! I cut out the pieces, laminated them, and fixed them to the inside of the window with small bits of double sided tape. Very colourful, and a lot better than a boring curtain. I love this website and use it quite a bit. Keep up the wonderful colourful work!!

on 30/06/09

I’m using my beanstalks to make a display for an insect unit for science next term. When that unit is over, I’ll pull off the insects, add a castle, and use it for a traditional tales unit. Brilliant!

Steve Anderson
on 20/09/09

I use it for times table targets in year 5, once they know all of their times tables and reach the top they are awarded a prize. I add their heads to the bodies which they think are great and it works here as an ongoing display. Wonderful.

on 07/10/09

hey Panda, your food and drink -healthy beanstalk display sounds like a great idea….. please let me know how you did it

on 09/10/09

OK Missy here goes… I put the beanstalk in the centre of the board which was backed in pale blue for the sky and green at the bottom cut to look like grass. Then I cut out the healthy food from Mrs. P.‘s food and drink section and stuck them on the beanstalk.

At the top of the beanstalk I blew up a picture from I think picsearch of a painting of a man made of fruit and veg… It is a famous painting but I can’t quite remember the title SORRY! But I thought it was a good twist of the giant!

The banner read HEALTHY EATING WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE? The board was fairly big so to the left I had a brief nutrition explanation with a food pyramid and to the right I added the newer nutrition plate.

I hope this helps!

on 09/10/09

This sounds great Panda! A really fun idea. If you have any pictures you could upload them to the Mrs Pancake facebook page for the other teachers to see. You’ll find it here:

Glad you’re having fun with all the doodads, it’s lovely to hear what you’re doing with them. Keep the ideas coming!

on 12/10/09

Hey Panda….. will definitely try out your idea….. cheers!

on 07/01/12

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qualified teacher
on 19/04/12

I absolutely love this resource. I have been wanting something like this to use as a behaviour rewarding system. Thank you Mrs Pancake.


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