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The doodad you asked for: Fun Question Words

Fun Question Words

Colourful, comic question words.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 31/12/09

Hello, I will be using these in my reception class to teach them about questioning. I love Mrs Pancake stuff, they are cute, vibrant and fun. Perfect for any classroom. Thanks for the hard work =)

on 16/02/10

Hi Mrs. Pancake,

This is an incredible website and your effort and brilliance shine through! No wonder it was so warmly recommended via Twitter!
I will spread the word if that is OK with you!
*I use it for EFL teaching.

Thank you!

on 21/07/10

WOW!!! What a gorgeous website with such bright and modern displays! I will definetly be spreading the word!

My classroom will look so beautiful! Thank you very much & I will be sure to donate!

on 26/06/11

you should do vidios


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