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The doodad you asked for: Stationery cupboard sign

Stationery cupboard sign

A lovely sign, using illustrations of classroom stationery, to put on the door of your stationery cupboard, or put your own text on it to make a different sign or display resource.

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Everyone's Comments.

Laura Winney
on 16/07/09

Hi I love your website.  I have printed some lovely things for my displays.  Just to mention that stationary is not spelt correctly.  I love this sign and would like to use it - just thought I would let you know.

on 16/07/09

Great resources. Lovely ideas too!

on 16/07/09

I have used your website on a regular basis - gorgeous pictures.

Laura Winney
on 16/07/09

Ooops igore my first silly comment about stationery.  It is the end of term!

on 13/08/10

Love love your website! Please can you make some lovely ‘hello’ signs in different languages! Much appreciated! x

on 04/11/11

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