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The doodad you asked for: Make a Pancake

Make a Pancake

We love Pancake Day! A set of picture instructions describing the process of making a pancake. The set is given in numbered sequence for straightforward narrative instructions and also as a mixed up sequence for pupils to cut out and put in order. All instructions are written in Sassoon primary which is a child friendly font.

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on 08/06/09

I was supposed to conduct a fun activity on making pancakes and the ‘Make a pancake’ sequencing cards come in handy. I displayed the poster ‘Pancake Day’and teach the children the process of making the pancake using the numbered sequence set. I gave each child one numbered card and each child will have to come out and do the part instructed in the card accordingly. The children enjoyed the activity! I enjoyed watching them reminding each other their role and the spirit of taking turn and team work to make a ‘United Pancake’


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