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The doodad you asked for: Number Rockets

Number Rockets

A set of the numbers 0-20 on colourful space rockets. Great for classroom numberlines. Combine with our other space-themed resources to create an exciting lunar display.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 08/08/09

I love the literacy letters. Could you make the entire alpha like that?

on 09/03/10

I have used these in our Y1 classroom and it would be great if you could produce them up to 30.

on 19/05/10

I have used this site many a time the resources are Fab!!

gillian hyde
on 20/12/10

As it is my birthday on the 2nd Jan. please please can you help me as I am looking for these numbers 40 50 60 or 4 5 and 6 (with zero’s at the end)
If you could send them to me in all your shapes, colours and sizes or whatever you have would be amazing.  The brighter, happier the better.
Thank you so much,
Gillian Hyde

on 23/01/11

These are fab! Very colourful and appealing, could be used as a display or flash cards.

I love using your resources and you are doing a wonderful job!!

Thank you


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