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The doodad you asked for: Blue Spotty Capital Letters

Blue Spotty Capital Letters

Capital letters by popular demand! All the letters of the alphabet with an exclamation mark, question mark and ampersand. Great to cut out the letters and assemble to make a notice board sign.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 18/09/09

Wow, a great resource. Can’t believe I didn’t find this site ages ago. Great letters for my display board. Thanks.

on 24/10/09

Awesome resources and a great time saver for busy teachers.
Thanks. *****

on 09/01/10

I love these letters - any chance you could do them in different colours?  They’d look great and wouldn’t use up all the blue in my print cartridge! :)  Thanks, though, I’m a huge Mrs Pancake fan!

Red Dog
on 25/01/10

This is great thanks, would be great if you had a bigger selection of lettering. Perhaps slightly plainer versions so as not to overshadow some of the work??



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