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The doodad you asked for: WALT,WILF,TIB Signs


“We Are Learning To…”, “What I’m Looking For…” and “This Is Because…” (WALT, WILF and TIB) signs for your classroom. Super colourful with fun characters.

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Everyone's Comments.

on 02/12/08

These are just what I needed - my old WALT and WILFs were so boring!

a happy bunny
on 05/06/09

Just found this website!  Fab Fab Fab expecially as i am moving from P7 to P2!

on 17/08/09

Hi Mrs Pancake
Could you please produce some classroom displays for tense, verbs - imperative words.
Thank you

on 15/09/09

Thankyou for something different.

on 18/03/10

Useful resources for foundation stage.
Would love some blank label text boxes so I could label the number corner resources or graphics area resources, they might have suitable borders etc.

on 15/07/10

What a fantastic resource site. I am an NQT so to have this site to hand when setting up my first classroom is brilliant. Thank you.  Could you do a maths symbols doodad please?

on 26/07/10

Please could you do two Doodads for: Learning Objective
                        Success Criteria

Thank you!!!

on 23/01/11

This is a fab resource! Very visual and very useful to use as a display around the classroom to remind the children of the learning objective.

Thank you!


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