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The doodad you asked for: Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign

A set of colourful, editable (Microsoft Word) welcome classroom signs. Choose your uniform, create your own wording, use your own fonts and customise as you please!

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Everyone's Comments.

on 28/06/10

Love this Doodad! I really want to use it but I teach in South Africa and my class is a very multi-cultural, so I don’t feel like I can put this up as it. I tried to change it myself but I am useless!
Even if you could just change one of the kid’s skin tone/hair that would be awesome!
Thanks so much!

Ms. K
on 28/06/10

This is a super resource. I teach only boys though so would it be possible to make single sex signs?

on 06/07/10

My school doesn’t wear uniform and is also very multicultural - any chance of a plain clothes sign?  Thank you!

on 20/07/10

I love this sign too - thanks so much.  I also teach in a very multicultural school so would love it if we could have different skin colours if possible.  Thanks.

on 24/09/10

This site is a great resource, thank you. I teach in a Gaelscoil - so our signs need to be in Irish. Is it possible for me to edit the captions etc?

on 06/12/10

Any chance one can be made with yellow tops and blue bottoms??? Would be greatly appreciated!

on 22/01/11

Thankyou sooo much! This has really helped my classroom displays for the start of the year!

on 05/02/11

Multicultural would be great. Also, in the example picture shown, it should be Mrs Giles’ classroom.

on 25/04/11

I agree with the above comments.  I would love to use this sign in my classroom but as I can’t as I need it to be multicultural.  Please change and then I would use it…

on 06/07/11

In my school the pupils have a greater variety of skin tones

on 16/06/12

Would like a version that represents different cultures and races


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